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Commitment Ceremonies
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Naming Ceremonies

Your wedding day is probably one of the most important days of your life and should encompass everything that you as a couple could ever wish for. Every couple has their own love story, one that can be shared with your family and guests on your special day.

Once you have legalised your marriage at the Registry Office, (this will cost as little as £50, you need only two witnesses and can be as formal or informal as you like – it should take no more than 10/15 minutes) We get on with the Wedding itself – and here is the best bit … by having a Celebrant led service the sky’s the limit. You can get married on a beach, on a mountain, in woodlands, at your favourite hotel, bar, pub or restaurant. On a cliff top, in the garden, in a barn or a castle. If permission is given from a landowner or venue owner, we can make it happen anywhere. Of course you may choose to have the legal bit done at a licensed venue (A Hotel, A Beach Hut, A Village Hall) with a Registrar in attendance to witness the marriage and include a Celebrant led Wedding .

This is your day so let’s do it your way!

Initially, as with all the services that I perform, if I was chosen to be your preferred Celebrant, we would meet up and discuss all your wishes, I will ask you lots of lovely questions to collate your love story. We will discuss the Wedding Day itself from start to finish. You may want traditional elements to your day or alternative options (Hand Fasting, Unity Candles, Sand Ceremony) we will discuss music, readings, vows, rings, absolutely everything that will make your day all that you have ever dreamed about.

Civil Partnerships

A Civil Partnership is open to all couples to enable a legal partnership. It gives the couple many of the same legal rights as a Married couple. You may choose this form of ceremony due to the fact that you have been married before or maybe your religion or culture doesn’t approve of a second marriage. The legal paperwork must be prepared in the same way as a marriage must be, once this is done you can have a wonderful celebration of your partnership. Like a Wedding Celebration I will help you with every aspect of your day. I can assist you with your vows, exchange of rings or tokens of your love, music, and readings. Whatever you choose.

Commitment Ceremonies

A Commitment Ceremony is a non-legal ceremony. It is a symbolic, meaningful and dignified Ceremony for adult couples, of any gender. If you want to make a public declaration of your life-long Commitment and love for each other this is a perfect Ceremony for you. As this is a non-legal Ceremony the possibilities are endless. You can declare your intent with family and friends or just the two of you. Vows and rings or tokens of love can be exchanged. Unity Candles, Hand Fasting, Eternity Knots, Cups of Love so many wonderful avenues to be explored!

Renewal of Vows

A beautiful way to reaffirm your continued love for each other. A wonderful way to celebrate a special Anniversary. Over the past difficult months, due to Covid 19, many couples have grown in strength and appreciation of each other, this ceremony would be perfect for you. You may have had a small wedding here in the UK or maybe abroad and feel now would be a great time to share your vows with your family and friends. Whatever your reason this really is a truly Joyous Celebration. Obviously as there are no legally binding elements to this type of ceremony, it can be wherever and however you want it to be.